What to Do Now

Essential 7 steps to stop Corona Spread

  1. Test fast: Test as fast as possible as many suspects as possible. Time is passing by very fast
  2. Stop movement: Force people to be within house, beat them with stick if they break the rule
  3. Mandatory quarantine for positive cases: Send those positive under police protection so that they can’t run away and spread it
  4. Heat Sensors: Quarantine people using heat sensor. Provide it to every health worker.
  5. Give masks: Give masks to every Indian. At least it helps not who wears it but the person infront of who is wearing it
  6. Sanitizers & soap strips: Give it every Indian, let them use it to rub hands frequently and use soap strips as much as possible in homes, offices
  7. Food, clothing & home for poor: Give these to the poor otherwise nobody can stop them from coming out