Corona Guidance for Year 2020

Corona Guidance for Year 2020

Can somebody in the world explain me why is the rate of Corona spread so slow in India?

As per why Total Cases/1Million pop in India and other poor/third world countries is less? Why this figure is higher in Advanced countries? If Tablighi Jamaat people has not died would we have added this 647 figure?

In 2019 more than 5 lac people in Uttarakhand suffered from Dengue but state govt. put that count to just 5000!

There is no way govt can keep India locked. So whenever positive cases are reported in cities, there will be curfew. Otherwise some movement will be allowed.

Till vaccine comes( we hope by end of 2020) unfortunately India will be like this. In case of Rural areas and villages Corona deaths most likely will go unreported. Given lax govt officials, just would not even take cognizance of this as that’d make them run. It is daily affair in UP/Bihar for police to turn blind eye to Rape and murders.

Be Ready for This

  1. Public places like Cinemas, malls will be permanently closed
  2. Inter city movement will be very difficult
  3. There will be continual curfew in cities then relaxation then curfew etc
  4. Offices better work from home or vacate the premises
  5. Schools will be closed, those who can use online tools like Zoom, will use Zoom. Start teaching your children immediately
  6. As revenue dry up, all govt money will go for salary and pensions, inflation will increase. Be ready your PPF, EPF etc savings will be devalued.
  7. Those investing in stock markets, kindly sell the equity and invest in debt instruments(even that is not safe)
  8. Very soon companies will start getting bankrupt and chain reaction will start. However as soon as vaccine comes, it should start getting stable
  9. Expect very less interest rates on loans and bank accounts. Very good time to take loans as during high inflation loan amount will be devalued
  10. Eventhough there will be sufficient of agriculture being produced, however much will be wasted due to lockdown etc causing increase in inflation. On the contrary RBI will be forced to keep inflation very low.
  11. Apartments will be devalued. However homes with land, Gold will keep their value.
  12. Cash will lose shine as it is set to be devalued.
  13. Only king and queens are those in goverment jobs, all else will be poorer

Corona is going to take India back by 10 years now.