Useless 1.7 lack crore finance minister’s package

This is time to save our lives, save nation from hunger.

We don’t need the Rs. 1.7 lakh crore package. Do we need it if we don’t live anymore?

This package is a gimmick – looks like an Election eyewash.


Rs 1,000 ex-gratia payment to nearly 30 million poor senior citizens. They will throng PSU ATMs most times which don’t work causing spread of Corona.

No need of PF contribution now! If you can’t control it then millions lose jobs for years. Thousand will die of poverty. Business will go bankrupt. Inflation will kill economy.

Just look into within 3 months what is going to happen:

  1. Poor people: Jobless and poor people need money to live and eat. Finally in a few days they will lose patient and throng places to get jobs, food
  2. Anarchy is coming. Goons will hold sway in populous states like UP & Bihar. People will resort to plunder, loot. This will cause government to place places under curfew, worsening the situation.
  3. Agriculture Vacuum: Crop loss is coming and we are heading straight to famine. Earlier recession did not affect India much since it has been agricultural based economy – we always had something to eat. But now cultivation and crop loss, or even non transportation of grains, vegetables is a certainty we will not be able to save our self by holding on the last straw of agriculture.
  4. Health emergency: Vaccination will stop and health system of poor people will break down
  5. Bankruptcy: Businesses will start collapsing, many will go backrupts causing again banks to become bankrupts as chain reaction. Government will not be able to control it as it can’t create money from empty wallets.
  6. Inflation: Government will need to print more currency cause inflation to increase. This will further create hole in the pocket of people