Whats the right way

  1. Police Surveillance: Place suspects under police surveillance
  2. Electronic collar: Wrap electronic monitoring collars in suspects
  3. Enact law : with imprisonment upto 10-20 years for those involved in irresponsible behavior cause increase of Corona Virus
  4. Masks,sanitizers : Mass produce masks,sanitizers and soap and provide to every Indian
  5. South Korea’s Model: Follow South Korea’s model and promptly test most of the suspects. If we don’t have test kits we can buy them. We spend unimaginable amount on goverment servants and organizations like BSNL. stop their salary and spend for this.
  6. Ferry those stranded : Ferry those poor labourers stranded in different cities, have no place to sleep, cook or eat. Take them safely in Army trucks to their villages or setup temporary safe colonies till this lockdown is over
  7. Thermal Sensors: Provide thermal sensors everywhere. It can slowdown spread to some extent
  8. Death Penalty for corruption: Make death penalty for those do corruption in Corona related items govt produced items viz., masks, sanitizers, food items to poor
  9. Bread and Mini soap: Provide breads and mini soap(for hand wash)to each and every family in poor.
  10. Use Forces: Use each and every police, paramilitary forces and Army to force people be confined within their homes.
  11. Be futuristic: Prepare an army of health workers in advance. Take any of the PSU or govt employees and give 10 days training as done during Indo-China war for new soldiers.
  12. Dismissal for Dereliction: Dismiss govt employees and setup fast courts to pronounce guilty to those found dereliction duty in relation to Corona
  13. Postpone Lok Sabha Election: It should be postponed for 10 years otherwise govt is unable to take strict decisions to stop spread of Corona. This strict discipline requires undemocratic Chinese like dictatorial decisions just to save lives of millions